Drawing inspiration from Mt Ruapehu and its unique, natural and diverse landscapes


Mahuta Timberworks was established by licensed builder Tāne Gunnell to serve the local Ruapehu area. With over 20 years experience, Mahuta Timberworks has worked on a wide variety of projects, including designing and crafting bespoke furniture to order, new house builds, renovations and fit outs for Ohakune’s finest establishments such as The Powderhorn Chateau.


Carpentry Work
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Carpenter at Work

Our workshop is nestled under the imposing and majestic Mt Ruapehu, surrounded by farmland, open space and incredible views. The workshop is situated in the grounds of an historic mill. The mill was built in 1932 and supplied native wood throughout the local area. After a fire in the late 40s the mill was rebuilt and converted from steam power to electric. In 1961 the mill was expanded and specialised in exotic timbers until it was closed in 1986. Since then the mill has been in the Gunnell family, and was used as a training hub for building log houses before scaling down to what it is today. Our workshop is situated in what was the original mechanical workshop for the working mill. 


With a focus on using recycled native and sustainable timbers, our ethos is to create in a way that reflects our environment. When in the process of designing or making we pride ourselves on attention to detail at every stage. Our aim is to create something that can be enjoyed by generations for its quality of design, and its sustainable and lasting approach to manufacture.


We offer a range of services to cater to your specific needs. We offer unique designs that fit to your requirements for size, style and materials.




Tāne is the director of Mahuta Timberworks Ltd, a business that he established in 2011 after working as a builder with his father, a trained log house builder, for over ten years. He is a Licensed Building Practitioner and has experience working on a wide range of projects, including the creation of bespoke furniture pieces, new house builds, renovations, as well as bar and restaurant fit-outs.


From this experience he has gathered a broad set of skills that have helped shape the Mahuta Timberworks ethos and how we work today. It has also provided him with a bank of knowledge on all aspects of building and manufacture on a macro and micro level. This can be seen in his ability to manage complex builds and large scale projects, but at the same time produce high standard bespoke work from our workshop. 


He has an eye for detail, and endeavours to complete every brief to fit the specifications of the client while ensuring the highest quality possible is maintained.




Originally from England, Tim graduated with a degree in Furniture Design and Craft from the National School of Furniture. There he learned the fundamentals of design, including proportion systems, CAD and Technical Drawing. Each project was brought to life using traditional and contemporary manufacturing and finishing techniques to produce high quality bespoke pieces of furniture.


After university Tim worked in the UK making high end bespoke furniture before emigrating to New Zealand in 2018. With a love for the outdoors and an appreciation for the Kiwi lifestyle, Ohakune was a perfect place to settle.


Tim prides himself on his desire to achieve high level making by using his meticulous eye for detail coupled with a passion for seeing raw materials transformed into a visual and physical representation of an abstract idea.